Faculties and Specialties







Information Engineering Department      


* software technology      


* computer network technology      


information security and  management      


cloud computing technology and  application      


Electronic Engineering Department      


* applied electronic technology      


* communications technology      


communications system operational  management      


mobile communication technology      


electronics and information  engineering technology      


IOT application technology      


Electro-mechanical Engineering  Department      


NC technology      


die design and manufacturing      


* NC equipment application and  maintenance      


mechanical design and  manufacturing      


electromechanical integration  technology      


Economics and Management  Department      


tourism management      


logistic management      




electronic commerce      




administrative management      


Electrical Engineering Department      


electric automation technology      


industrial process automation  technology      


elevator engineering technology      


intelligent control technology      


architectural engineering  technology      


architectural decoration  engineering technology      


Digital Art Department      


animation design technology      


digital media application  technology      


Automobile Engineering Department      


automobile electronic technology      


automobile marketing and service      


automobile testing and maintenance  technology      


* means a provincial key specialty  

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