Enrollment Brochure for International Students (2017)

Sichuan VocationalCollege of Information Technology  

Enrollment Brochure forInternational Students (2017)  

College Introduction  

Established in1976, Sichuan Vocational College of Information Technology is the onlystate-run vocational college of electronic information in      Sichuan   province, attached to SichuanProvincial Economic and Information Commission. It was identified as one of theoutstanding provincial demonstrative colleges in 2016.  

Located inGuangyuan city,     Sichuan      province   of        China   ,the college currently has 2 campuses with a floor area of 520 Chinese mu (about35 hectares), over 8000 students and 320 teachers, including 16 professors, 99associate professors and 132 double-qualified teachers. There areElectro-mechanical Engineering Department, Electronic Engineering Department,Information Engineering Department, Economics and Management Department,Electrical Engineering Department, Automobile Engineering Department,      Digital      Art      Department   and Basic Courses Department, and 39 specialties such as applied electronics,software and numerical control. It has gradually formed the specialty structuresystem of being engineering-centered and electronic & information oriented.The training system is advanced and well-equipped including the nationaltraining base for electrics, electronics and automation technology, and thenational training base for numerical control. Companies like Cisco, Siemens,Oracle, HP, Lenovo, ZTE and HUAWEI have been in cooperation with the college.It has set up corporate colleges like     Lenovo     Education     College   ,ICT College of ZTE, and      Ultrawise      Sofftware      College   .  

Departmentsand Specialties  







Information  Engineering Department      


* software  technology      


*  computer network technology      


information  security and management      


cloud  computing technology and application      


Electronic  Engineering Department      


*  applied electronic technology      


*  communications technology      


communications  system operational management      


mobile  communication technology      


electronics  and information engineering technology      


IOT  application technology      


Electro-mechanical  Engineering Department      


NC  technology      


die  design and manufacturing      


*  NC equipment application and maintenance      


mechanical  design and manufacturing      


electromechanical  integration technology      


Economics  and Management Department      


tourism  management      


logistic  management      




electronic  commerce      




administrative  management      


Electrical  Engineering Department      


electric  automation technology      


industrial  process automation technology      


elevator  engineering technology      


intelligent  control technology      


architectural  engineering technology      


architectural  decoration engineering technology      


Digital                  Art              Department      


animation  design technology      


digital  media application technology      


Automobile  Engineering Department      


automobile  electronic technology      


automobile  marketing and service      


automobile  testing and maintenance technology      


*means a provincial key specialty  

Training plan forOverseas Students  


First  year      


Chinese  courses      


Second  year      


Professional  courses + Practical training      


Third  year      


Professional  courses + Practical training      


Fees and charges:  




4100  / year      


(a  total waiver provided for overseas students)      




3000  / year      


(a  total waiver provided for overseas students)      


physical  examination      


RMB  300      




about  RMB 400 /year (only for reference)      




about  RMB 50 / year (only for reference)      


residental permit      


RMB  400-800 (only for reference)      


Do not include transport and visa processingfees.  

Enrollment plan: 20  

Living Condition  

Accommodation:2 students will share one apartment, well-equiped with facilities for showeringand toilet; well-furnished with bed and bedclothes, study desk; self-containedelectrical appliances such as wardrobe, air-conditioner, water heater, washingmachine and internet.  

Canteen:3 meals one day will be in service. Student card can be topped-up by thestudents and the cost in canteen on campus is about 500RMB/month.  

Costof living: It varies with each individual.  

About the City  

Located in     Sichuan   province,      China   , Guangyuan has an area of16,318 square kilometers and a population of 3.14 million. Formerly known asLizhou, Guangyuan was the birthplace of Wu Zetian, the only woman in Chinesehistory to bear the title Empress Regnant. It is honored as     China     Excellent     Tourism     City   ,National Forest City,     National     Sanitary     City   ,     National Low-carbon Pilot City   ,     China   Habitat Environment Model Award City,which makes it the best place in west      China   for health and lifepreserving.  

   Guangyuan is the geometrical centerconnecting four cities of     Chengdu   ,     Xi’an   ,     Chongqing   and      Lanzhou   . With afull-fledged transportation network, it is well connected to southwest andnorthwest      China   by railway, by road, by water and by air.  

Guangyuan is rich in tourism resources.With the themes of “     Jianmen     Pass   on Shu Path” and “Hometown of Wu Zetian”, it hasbuilt one 5A tourist attraction, and fourteen 4A tourist attractions, rankingthe fifth in     China   and thesecond in      Sichuan      Province   . Many scenicspots like     Jianmen     Pass   ,     Zhaohua     Ancient     Town   ,Tangjiahe National Reserve, Mingyue Gorge,      Gucheng      Mountain   are well-known at home and abroad.  


Educationalbackground of or above high school, well-behaved, in good physical conditions  

Applicationdate: March 1st to August 30th  


1. The Admission Application Form for ForeignStudents, the form can be downloaded from the website:http://english.scitc.com.cn. Please print out the complete filled form, signand with photo attached;  

2. Original copy of final diploma or duplicate afterbeing notarized. For texts not in Chinese and English, English or Chinesetranslation with notarization should be provided;  

3. Original copy of academic transcript or duplicateafter being notarized. For texts not in Chinese and English, English or Chinesetranslation with notarization should be provided;  

4. Photocopy of passport.  


● According to the requirementsof the program applied, Sichuan Vocational College of Information Technologymay require the students to submit other documents.

● Whether being enrolled or not,the materials requested above will not be returned.

Please post the application materials to thefollowing address, or send the scanned copy of materials to the followingE-mail.  


Sichuan Vocational College of Information Technologywill evaluate the application documents, and enroll the excellent applicantsbased on comprehensive conditions. Sichuan Vocational College of InformationTechnology will notify the student of the application progress within one monthafter receiving the complete application materials, send the admission noticeand JW202 visa application form by the end of August.  


1st -15th September (the check-in time shall complywith the admission notice)  


Foreign Affairs Office  

Postal code: 628040  

Address: No. 265, XuefuRoad, Lizhou District, Guangyuan, Sichuan, China  

Tel: +86-839-3352857
Fax: +86-839-3350565
E-mail: 39164961@qq.com
Website: english.scitc.com.cn  


Address: No. 265, Xuefu Road, Lizhou District, Guangyuan, Sichuan, P.R. China 628040 Tel: +86-839-3352857 Fax: +86-839-3350565 E-mail: 39164961@qq.com