Located in Guangyuan city, Sichuan province of China, Sichuan Vocational College of Information Technology is a state-run vocational college of three-year higher education. Established in 1976, it was identified as one of the provincial demonstrative colleges on July 1, 2013.      

Currently, the college has 2 campuses with a floor area of 520 Chinese mu (about 35hectares), 432 staff and over 8000 students. There are 8 teaching units(Electro-mechanical Engineering Department, Electronic Engineering Department, Information Engineering Department, Economics and Management Department,Electrical Engineering Department, Automobile Engineering Department, DigitalArt Department and Basic Courses Department) and 39 specialties such as appliedelectronics, software and numerical control, gradually formed the specialtystructure system of being engineering-centered and electronic & informationoriented. Companies like Cisco, Siemens, Oracle, HP, FANLIC, Lenovo, ZTE and HUAWEI have been in cooperation with the college.    

There are 2 national training bases for numerical control, and electrics, electronics and automation technology, 25 internal training centers and 141 external training bases; teaching instruments and equipment with a total value of 60.3 million yuan RMB, 2237 training computers, and a library collection of 500,000 paper books and 6000 GB e-books.    

Address: No. 265, Xuefu Road, Lizhou District, Guangyuan, Sichuan, P.R. China 628040 Tel: +86-839-3352857 Fax: +86-839-3350565 E-mail: 39164961@qq.com